Hello world, it’s me, andiyar

Well, it’s been a bit longer than I’d anticipated since the last entry. Or rather, the last-but-one entry, as I actually did write out a rather extensive post (titled ‘Hrm’ below) that my blogging software decided wasn’t worth its time posting – or rather, my old blogging software called ecto stopped working when I applied the 10.6.6 update on my mac laptop, so… I’m on a new platform now. MarsEdit. So far… so good.

To the nitty gritty stuff though. The past six weeks have been rather crap for me in terms of my personal health – which is something that, as many of you know, has never been exactly fantastic. Sadly, I seem to get sick at the drop of a hat, and since starting medical school back in 2008, I’ve had at least one major sickness/illness a year requiring specialist medical attention. Well 2011, congratulations on being the quickest year off the mark so far! 2008 was the year of the migraine (hospital admission + neurologist in May), 2009 was the year of the pilonidal sinus (colorectal surgeon in April), 2010 was the year of the tenosynovitis (Orthopaedic surgeon in February, though the condition had been in existence for six months) and now 2011… I have an inguinal hernia. Which is causing intense discomfort, leads to sharp pain and abdominal pain, has resulted in me shocking the crap out of my liver with paracetamol and ruining my bowel with codeine (stopped thankfully) and will require a general surgeon visit and, I assume, an actual operation this time, unlike the rest of them which have been okay enough to leave and resolve on their own.

God I wish this would too, but considering how rapidly it’s progressed (6 weeks from initial pain to 11mm hernia, which is actually quite fucking scary) I’d say it is an unlikely long wait. I’m thinking I’ll be happy it actually gets operated on though, even with a slight apprehension at the thought of a general anaesthetic, as I’m starting to feel quite down due to the more or less continual pain and the pressure in my lower abdomen is driving me insane with both sensation and concern.

Yay 2011.

That said, there have been some positives so far this year. I’ve been listening to J-Pop again for the first time (consistently) in ages, and have managed to catch up on Ayu’s last two CDs – curtain call, off NEXT LEVEL is absolutely divine. Go listen, all my J-Pop listening blog fans! – as well as watch some PVs of X & Angela Aki. I also started playing piano again, although have been a bit lax the past few weeks due to feeling less than optimal, but I’m hoping to keep it up this time.

My writing is continuing… more or less. elohim hit 30,000 words and stopped as I realised I had around a third of it written and I was losing control of the plot threads, so I’ve gone ‘back to the drawing board’ – not throwing anything out, but plotting it out much better, on a scene-by-scene basis. It’s proving maddening to do so as I have six different primary narrators and the sequencing of the actual overall plot is proving schizophrenic to work out, but it’s meshing nicely (with half of said plotting done). So that’s nice. Poetry is in a stall right now, but we’ll get there.

I even managed some socialising this week, mostly on Meghan’s insistence as I was shanghaied into attending an Australia Day party and meeting some of the new first year med kiddies, most of whom (when I managed to slither out of my dark corner and speak with) were lovely; that was then followed by hanging out with some friends at a house and then the beach briefly, before I wandered back to Meghan’s place to play computer wizard and iphone repair technician person and also watched the tennis with Jeff & Holly – hey, I got to play with technology and was provided with dinner. That’s a win for me, and the afternoon of hanging around with people was fun. As I mentioned to Sir Gregorious the next day, it was a nice opportunity to see some ‘fresh talent’, of which some was indeed on display.

Reading that last sentence, I feel like a dirty old man. Ah well, the joys of late twenty-something-ness.

I think I might sign off here for the moment – off to visit Sam & Bronwyn, who incidentally are now engaged which was both a)unsurprising and b)whoa, really!? It’ll be nice to catch up – as long as my dear abdomen plays fair. Wish me luck.